Monday, January 7, 2013


No matter how many years I spend on this planet I am still regularly amazed at the things that will drop out of the sky to completely derail our lives. Every time I think the job is right, the house is right, the whatever is right the Universe throws yet another fiery hoop in my path.

Towards the end of 2011 E and I packed up and moved to Elko, NV for my career. Yes, I know, the words "career" and "Elko" in the same sentence is fairly absurd. However, there are very large mining companies there and if you happen to be married to, best friends with, sleeping with or are related to someone who is high up in the food chain at one of those companies you can really go far. If, like me, none of the above apply you can uproot your entire family, move to a shitty tiny town in the middle of nowhere and work your ass off until someone with an over-inflated ego questionable ethics power decides employees must be laid off because the executives made poor business decisions and need to get the stock price back up. Then you can spend most of your severance moving back to where you started and begin the process of getting your life back to normal.

And, no, I am clearly not bitter.

Not at all.

Now, at the beginning of 2013, we are back in Boise with our friends and family and things are going well. I am working for a boutique recruiting firm based in Boulder, CO. I am having a blast and the best part is that on days like today, when we are having an epic snowstorm, I can stay cozied up in my house and not deal with motorists. Motorists who, despite living in a state where it snows every year, are incapable of maintaining even a modicum of intelligence once the flakes start coming down. Before I go off on yet another rant about winter driving in Idaho I will change the subject!

The year ahead is going to filled with so many things. Booman is going to turn 10 and that is such a huge milestone I can't even wrap my head around it. Denial is sort of my mothership in regards to that. He is excelling at swim team and we are working hard to keep him encouraged and improving. Lots to come in regards to his adventures! My best friend, CV, and I are running a 5k every month for the whole year and I am certain that from a fitness perspective this is going to be a big year for me. E and I have plans for two Vegas hockey tournament trips, archery competitions, a family vacation and a handful of other personal goals.

As for me and this blog, my goal is to honest-to-Goddess start blogging more. Probably a mix of personal and work related stuff because I have no intention of maintaining TWO blogs just to keep the two things separate. That's far too much work and I am just not that motivated.

So, I promise to do better, but because I'm already feeling lazy here are some of my favorite pictures from the last year...

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