Monday, June 15, 2009

Just a picture or two.

Look, Ma! I birthday post with no whining about wrinkles or being OLD!! Instead I am going to show you some pictures from Saturday night's birthday party. It was a birthday for me, Jeff and Misti. We swooped into Terry's State Street Saloon for a night of beer and karaoke.

We sang, we drank, we sang and drank some more. The best part? I remember most of it! Whee!!!

This is seriously an unattractive picture of me, but it is also a perfect representation. I am generally up to no good. As shown by this snapshot.

Somehow I managed to marry this amazing man. I am not quite sure how I got him to love me, but he loves me. And I am the luckiest woman in the world because of it.

I love my Julie! Beautiful, smart, funny, caring...oh, wait. Maybe I hate her?! Oh...and isn't Jeff in the background seriously awesome?! Best. Picture. Ever.

Eric with the marvelous Kelly.

Misti, Kelly and me.

Me and Misti. Seriously? I. Have. No. Idea. Even Lance is looking for help. Or, an escape route.

Me. Bah.

Jeff and Julie. And me. Grabbing Julie's boob apparently.

It's me and Kelly.

Me and Dave. Gotta love The Dave!

It was seriously an awesome party! You should have been there!

Monday, June 8, 2009

It's my birthday. I can babble if I want to.

My birthday is on Wednesday and this year I am actually looking forward to it. I think I might be getting to the age where I am so damn glad I get to have another one that I don't really give a rat's ass what number it is. Most of the time I can't even tell you how old I am anyway.

My present from Eric was a kitten. Here is a recreation of how the conversation went:

ME: I want a kitten for my birthday.
ERIC: Why do you want another cat. We don't need another cat.
ME: Needing a cat and wanting a cat are two entirely different things.
ERIC: What if I don't want another cat.
ME: Honey. I love you and I hate to state the obvious, but you know you are going to lose this argument. SO...we can continue to debate this and you can posture and flex your muscles while I argue and/or pout until you cave in and say yes. the interest of time, we can skip to the part where you give in.
ERIC: Hmph...
Are you going to the Humane Society today or Saturday?

I went on Saturday. I wanted to be able to be home with the new family member over the weekend rather than getting it on my actual birthday and immediately leaving it to navigate this haven for insanity all alone. We are still working on a name. We tried out a few, but nothing seems to work. Right now I am thinking about Piscin (pish-keen) which is the Irish Gaelic word for cat. I was also considering something that would reflect that fact that he beat the dog into submission in about 4 seconds flat. Feel free to offer up suggestions. It's a boy cat, by the way.

Anyway, this whole birthday thing has me thinking about what I have done in the last year. Because I love to torture my lovely readers with my endless drivel I thought I would share my list.

I got a little older, I got a little fatter.
I got a little smarter and then killed off more than my fair share of brain cells thru alcohol comsumption. In the end I think it averages out.
I lost my Aunt, I lost my cat and I lost my job.
I found a new job that I really love and feel challenged by every day.
I got my PHR certification.
I sent my son off to kindergarten and then watched him graduate.
I made some great new friends and lost a couple of not so great friends.
I fell in love with my husband 365 times.
I laughed and I cried.
I realized, one more time, that life is a wonderful gift and no matter what happens I am a very, very lucky girl.

Now...without further adieu...less sap, more pictures.