Sunday, November 4, 2007

Halloween and Rubber Ducks

I am finally posting Halloween pictures. I am sorry for the delay. I have been trying to think of some funny moment from Halloween night, but nothing comes to mind. I have no funny at the moment. Friday night I slept wrong on my neck and now, two days later, I still can't look to my left. Drew is having a field day with that. He keeps misbehaving, but only on my left. It's driving me insane.

As if being virtually crippled isn't enough - now I have a cold. It has been threatening me for days and yesterday it kicked in with gusto. I feel very edgy and the fact that I keep getting taunted from my left by a small, blurry child is not helping my mood any. The next time he runs by giggling at my failed attempt to look and the resulting profanity I might trip him. I think this is some form of training, but I am not real sure who is the trainer and who is the trainee.

Despite the icky cold, we spent last night and today painting the guest room. It looks like we slaughtered a large animal of some kind in there. I hope that it looks better once it dries completely and we get it all put back together. I decided a few weeks ago that we needed to move it from upstairs to downstairs so that our poor guests didn't have to sleep 20 feet from our bedroom. It makes you feel like you have to be uncomfortably quiet. Granted, they will probably have nightmares and will fear for their lives in the Room of Death, but at least they can scream freely.

The upside to my weekend? I got a rubber duck. A pink one. As if that wasn't cool enough? It lights up! Whee!

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Anonymous said...

i found a green one at my work that is green! and it lights up!!!...
o ya and i already have my room planned out for when i move is so get ready for some SnERIOUS decorating!!!! jk..but ya........................................LExy


i still feel like a baby.
i guess 18 isnt that big uva deal