Thursday, September 25, 2008

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Edit: I did not explicitly state it in the post below, but I am in no way, shape or form making any kind of commentary on those who are Muslim. I am speaking only about those few who are extremists. Just wanted to be really, really clear.

I responded to a post on regarding Palin today. I fired off a quick response that was obviously a bit insensitive...

For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about - Dooce posted a video of a less-than-eloquent Palin in an interview. She basically sounded like she had no idea what she was talking about and was instead trying to say anything that came to mind that was maybe, possibly, potentially on topic. It was freshman debate at its ugliest. However, one bad interview does not an opinion make. Not for me anyway.

So, I responded and here is what I said:

I am not a fan of Palin per se, but I am definitely not a fan of a man who would write in his recent book:
"I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction."
Now THAT scares the shit out of me. In my humble opinion, Palin is the lessor of two evils.
Stupid vs. Muslim supporter?? Hmmm....let me think on that one.
I'll take stupid any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Yes...I know...insensitive. Sounds like a sweeping generalization that Muslim = bad. I get it. I was almost as ineloquent as Palin in that short clip. And, if you judge me based on that one short comment I am a racist and an idiot.

So, after reading the responses to my post and getting my just rewards I posted up a response to the responses. Since most people don't make it through almost 600 post comments, and many of you are coming to my blog to get a look at the moronic, uneducated, racist, backwards bitch...well, I am posting my response here, too.

I suppose my response to this post was a bit insensitive. I'll accept that. I grew up Christian and I have rejected that religious choice and have instead found a different path after much study. I am very well aware of the prevalence of the Muslim faith throughout the world.

I, like you appear to, believe strongly that most of the evil and horror in this world is done in the name of religion - all religions - not just one. Some of the most violent, ignorant, extreme, dangerous people I have had the displeasure of meeting have worn their crosses and flaunted their Bibles with great pride.

My fear of Obama being a vocal Muslim supporter in the world we currently live in has nothing at all to do with the majority of those who choose the Muslim faith. Instead it is a fear of the message his vocal support sends to the extremists. That message will be amplified and distorted as it reachs their ears. That is in no way the fault of those who are Muslim and NOT extremists. I just think Obama needs to tread a bit lightly on that topic.

I don't support Obama. That is my choice.

I don't support Obama stating publicly that he will "stand with the Muslims" when we are in a very dangerous world climate because of those Muslims who are extremist and who will see that statement as an invitation to use violence against America if Obama were to be elected into office. Again, my choice.

It DOES NOT, however, make me stupid, ignorant or an asshat. With that said, I apologize to you for not being more careful with my comment on a public forum. My intent was not to attack or belittle anyone who does not see the world like I do. I only wish you would have given me the same respect.

With that said...I shall go back to keeping my political opinions to myself. All that arguing and belitting and hating and shouting and shit isn't going to change a single damn mind. You know what telling me I am stupid does? I only makes me more confident that everyone should shut the fuck up and just go vote.


Jannie Funster said...

I liked your comment on Dooce a lot!

It makes total sense.

laura in la said...

The problem I had with your comment about Obama "standing with Muslims" is that you're taking it out of context. He is not a Muslim supporter, any more than he is a Christian, white, Buddhist, Chinese, Jewish, Argentinian, or Zoroastrian supporter. That comment had to deal with intolerance against people in this country, good people who aren't terrorists or extremists. Obama meant he would stand up to nasty attacks on people for no other reason than their religion, ethnicity, nationality or race. I respect his position; if someone was burning a cross on the lawn of my peacable Muslim, Catholic, or Finnish neighbor, I would condemn it. And I hope you would, too.

Am I making any sense? I'd really like to know.

Anonymous said...

I did follow Dooce's comment down to your comment and I'd like to thank you for clarifying that statement.

Yay for our right to vote!

Jayna Shaye said...

Laura -

I think what you are saying does make sense. I greatly appreciate and respect your point of view.

I would most certainly condemn anyone who was burning a cross in someone's yard or waging an attack on someone because their differing beliefs. That is why I felt I needed to respond again because what I said was obviously not very well put.

I can happily agree to disagree with you on Obama. There is so much evidence that he has been less than truthful about his religious past and it is the truth part I take issue with - not the religion part. I just don't think I can trust someone who so readily casts of his "beliefs" when it suits his purpose.

But, when you get right down to it, if we ever met a politician that didn't lie it might just throw Earth off it's axis and that could spell trouble! ;-)