Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Insanity? Highly under-rated.

I have lost my mind. For those of you who know me that comes as no shock whatsoever. For those of you who don't know me - trust me - it really is no shock whatsoever. It has been brewing for some time. This week? I finally snapped.

It started on Monday when I was informed that I have a cyst in my hand that has to be removed. My right hand. The hand I write with and type with and do just about everything else with and they are going to CUT IT OPEN. Next Tuesday. Yea.

It continued on Tuesday when my entire work day consisted of discovering a very long list of things that should have been done, but that I never did and now have to do and I don't seem to have time to do, but I have to figure out how to do them at some point in the very near future since they have to get done. Bah.

Today I spent all day thinking it was Thursday and then one of my friends informed me that it is, in fact, Wednesday and really? That should be enough. But for me? No - I have to really do it up right. I have to forget to pay the water bill.

We got home and Lexy got raw hamburger and made hamburger patties and she tried to wash her hands. We discovered that it is fairly difficult to wash your hands with no water. Oh, and if you have raw hamburger on your hands the dog will follow you around and when you sit down she will stare at you. Without blinking. For hours. And it is kind of unsettling.

Oh yeah - I have the crappiest iPhone EVER. I had to send it in for repair for the second time and they sent me the crappiest loaner iPhone EVER. I had a phone that would ring, but the touch screen was defective and I could answer my calls, but then I couldn't hang up my calls. That resulted in lots of people getting messages from me that started out all professional and ended with me thinking I hung up and instead they would get 5 minutes of me singing "Like A Virgin" along with the radio at the top of my lungs. Now I have a loaner phone that won't ring. I pick it up to call someone and realize I have 15 missed calls and 5 voicemails. Sucky phone. But I suppose it is better than singing "Like A Virgin" to one of my most important clients and then listening to them laugh for 10 minutes when they call me back to tell me about my serenade.

I have high hopes that tomorrow will be better. I sort of got a handle on all the stuff at work. OK. I made a list of all the stuff I need to do. But at least it's a start. I now have a visual representation of my inability to keep up with everything I need to do. On top of that we got the water back on thanks to on-line bill pay and Lexy washed her hands so Mazie quit stalking her.

I am just ready for the weekend. I plan to get outside and enjoy the nice weather. I need to plant flowers. I need to mow. I need to have some of the sprinkler heads capped off. I need to have dirt delivered to build out a new planting area. I need to roto-till the garden.

Shit. Now I have to go and make another list.

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ummmhello said...

Ah, the joys of every day life. Ain't it grand?
My day yesterday was very similar. I feel your pain.
Hope your cyst removal goes smoothly and with no crazy after effects (life a stiff middle finger that won't go down) and that you're back to your old insane self soon :)